Seattle Domina Katja Starkova

Whether you need to be supervised by a strict governess, or looked after by a highly controlling "mommy," it is my prerogative to remove adult privileges and apply any number of strict measures.

What have you done this time?  The teacher needs to teach you a lesson or two.  Mommy dearest is concerned with your unruly behavior.  Your older sister has caught you doing something you hoped no one would ever discover.  The governess will care for you in all manner of daily routine.  And of course there is the tutor who arrives with special lessons prepared for your improvement.

The tone of your caretaker is soothing, yet condescending.  Procedures may be applied, in the most clinical manner, for your own good.   Behavior modification may be necessary.  Exposure may occur.  Privacy will not be allowed.

You're not enjoying this, now are you?   I'll not have that kind of misbehavior.

Note: ageplay is role play between consenting adults.

Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and beyond...

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